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Snowy Pines

Red Wing Barns

Autumn Field

Ames Crossing before the snow

Milk House

The Horse Trail

Autumn at Afton

North Arm Bay

Study in Blue and Orange

The Pond at Ames Crossing

Morning in Cologne

Last of the roses

Autumn Color Study

White Pine


Barn and Hens

Back of the Barn


Two Peaches

Evening Light on the Shed

Big Red

Quarry Pump House

Winter at Purgatory Park

Loring Park Garden Shed

Autumn is coming

Lester Creek

Boats in the bay

Almost gone

Hen House

Autumn Fields

End of Summer at Miller Farm

Maiden Rock Road

Dory on the Shore


The Cottage at Parley Lake

HIgh Falls

My Neighbors Trellis

Girl on the Beach

Red Wing Barn

Sheds on County Road 1

Lillydale Light

Lake of the Isles in Autumn

Sailing School

The Overlook

Purgatory Park


The Millers Farm

Amber Afternoon,

Wood Shed